Monique and George Braude Student Travel Award Recipients

The ICRS is pleased to announce that 10 pre-Doctoral and post-Doctoral students were each awarded $500 to attend the 2014 ICRS meeting through a generous bequest from the Monique C. and George L. Braude Memorial Foundation.

Dr. Monique C. Braude spent her career at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), where she was instrumental in promoting preclinical research in cannabis and cannabinoids.  In addition to her passion for cannabinoid research, Dr. Braude believed strongly in helping women enter scientific careers.  She was a member and strong supporter of Graduate Women in Science.

Dr. Braude was born in Lisieux, France in 1925.  Her undergraduate degree was in pharmacy and she worked as a drug store pharmacist for a while but then moved to the Laboratoires Blaque as chief of production of drug specialties.  At the end of WW II, she met her future husband, George, a French chemical engineer from Halle, Germany. They were married in Paris in 1949 and moved to the United States in the early 1950’s.  Dr. Braude earned her PhD in Pharmacology from Ohio State.

The 2014 ICRS Monique and George Braude Student Travel Award Recipients are :

Rebecca Bluett         Vanderbilt University
Molly Crowe         University of West Virginia
Liting Deng         Indiana University
Lindsay Silva         SUNY-Downstate
Jenny Wilkerson         Virginia Commonwealth University
Joyonna Gamble-George         Vanderbilt University
Samira Khakpour         UC-San Francisco
XiaoQian Liu         Medical College of Wisconsin
Sara Nass         University of West Virginia
Emma Leishman         Indiana University


Congratulations to our deserving trainees!


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